Swim Levels

WATER BABIES: Parent + Child Lessons
ClassAgesInstructor to Student RatioPrerequisiteDescription
Shrimp6–18 Months1:7NoneIdeal for babies who are interested in the water. This class is structured around creating a safe and enjoyable environment for water acclimation. Goals include happiness in the water, getting the face wet, and responding to parental guidance.
Tetra19–36 Months1:7NoneIdeal for those toddlers ready to explore the water with more confidence! Goals include listening and responding to parents and instructor, back and front floats with support, enter and exit the pool without assistance, interested in working independently with the instructor.
PRESCHOOL: Ages 3–5 Years Old
ClassPreschool LevelInstructor to Student RatioPrerequisiteDescription
Starfish11:3NoneNo prior swim lesson experience needed. Goals include having fun in the water, listening and responding to instruction, submerging on their own, independent front float, back float with support, paddling on their front and back with assistance or independently with floatation.
Mudskipper21:4Starfish or equivalentIdeal for the preschool-aged child who can submerge on their own, isn’t afraid of putting their face in, and can attempt to swim on their own. Goals include independent front/back float and glide, front paddle 5–15’ independently, attempt paddling on back independently 5’.
Eel31:4Mudskipper or equivalent Ideal for the confident preschool-aged child, who can swim independently without floatation. Goals include front crawl 15–20’ independently, back-crawl 5–15’ independently, side-paddle 10’ independently, breaststroke kick with floatation on front & back.
YOUTH & TEEN: Ages 6–18 years
ClassY&T LevelInstructor to Student RatioPrerequisiteDescription
Puffer Fish11:4NoneIdeal for youth with little to no experience in the water. This class is an introduction to water acclimation and basic skills. Goals include: having fun, submerging independently, independent front/back float and glide, independent front paddle 5–10’ independently, and attempt paddling on back 5’.
Humuhumu21:4Starfish or equivalentIdeal for youth who enjoy the water, and can swim a short distance on their own. Goals include: front crawl 15–20 yards, backstroke 10–20 yards with or without assistance, breaststroke kick with floatation 20 yards, and side-paddle with head out of water 5–10 yards.
Guppy31:5Humuhumu or equivalent Ideal for youth who are comfortable in deep water and ready to test out their endurance. Goals include front crawl with out-of-water arm recovery 25 yards, backstroke 20 yards, rudimentary breaststroke 25 yards, sidestroke with scissor kick 20–25 yards with head above water, rudimentary elementary backstroke 20 yards, attempt dolphin kick with or without fins, and tread water 1 minute.
Otter41:6Guppy or equivalentIdeal for youth ready to swim lengths in the lap pool and further develop their strokes. Goals include 50 yards each of: freestyle with side breathing, breaststroke with kick, pull, and glide, backstroke with roll, elementary backstroke with glide, sidestroke with scissor-kick and glide, rudimentary butterfly 25 yards with fins, tread water 3 minutes with different kicks, open turns, and kneeling dive.
Flying Fish51:6OtterIdeal for youth or teens who would like to fine tune their stroke technique, increase endurance and work on skills used in competitive swimming. Goals include 100 yards each of: freestyle with side-breathing, breaststroke with glide, backstroke, elementary backstroke with glide, side stroke with glide, 50 yards of butterfly with fins, 25 yards butterfly without fins, standing dive, tread water 4–6 minutes with ball in hands, and attempt flip turns.
Skate61:8Flying FishIdeal for youth or teens preparing for competitive swim team, and excited about fine-tuning stroke work and gaining strength. Goals include 100 yards of freestyle with dive from blocks, streamline start and reduced number of strokes per lap, 100 yards breaststroke with proper pull out and open turns, 100 yards backstroke with dolphin kick push off and proper turns, 100 yards individual medley from starting blocks with proper turns, 25 yards butterfly, 50 yards each (with clothes on) of elementary backstroke and sidestroke, tread water 2–5 minutes with clothes on.
Stingray Swim Club7Flying Fish level skills, participate in a try-out, and coach approvalIdeal for youth or teens looking for a community environment to practice their swimming skills. Focus is on stroke technique, water safety, community building, team work, and building self-esteem. This club will participate in fun “swim meets” to gain knowledge of competitive swimming. Once a year, they will have a choice to participate in a small competitive meet. Goals for the swim club include 200 yard individual medley, treading water 2 minutes while holding a dive block, improve strength, speed, endurance, and confidence, gain water polo skills and participate in scrimmages, as well as participate in rescue skills.

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